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New Release

We wish to thank all those who've visited over the past year. Your patronage has helped us all sell through our entire inventory of 750 cases in record time! We are currently hard at work preparing for our next release in the Spring of 2015.

Hardy Buds
Hardy Buds

They didn't all make it, but we are pleasantly surprised at the number of robust buds springing to life in the Lowrey Vineyard. This is surely a good omen for the vintage of 2014!

See you in the spring!
Summer Hours

As we finish up the last of our winemaking chores for 2014, it's now time to sharpen up the pruners for the long winter ahead. We will be closed for the remainder of the season, but look forward to welcoming everyone back in May to taste our next batch of wines.

Winemakers notes / 11.22.14

My first experiences with the marathon that is a winery-based harvest came at Blomidon Estate in Nova Scotia, then later back in Ontario at Creekside.  I was completely unprepared for the long haul that loomed ahead. Prior to Blomidon I was only familiar with the limited perspective of the grape grower.  When the crop was ... [read more]

Field notes / 02.20.15

Most people will never have the opportunity to spend a bitter winter day pruning their way down a row of grapes, so I feel it my duty to inform the masses about this crucial vineyard task. Every winter, around the beginning of January, my father and I start to get serious about pruning vines in ... [read more]

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