The Lowrey Vineyard

Five Rows Craft Wine is located in Niagara’s St. David’s Bench sub-appellation on the 5th generation Lowrey Vineyards property, a 35-acre vineyard that produces craft wine grape varietals for customer wineries in the area. Lowrey wine grapes have supplied some of Canada’s most prestigious wines by accomplished winemakers and garnered many awards.

The Lowrey family has farmed the area for 5 generations. Current generations, Howard Lowrey and his son Wes Lowrey tend to the vineyard with a focus on achieving the most characteristic and complex examples that their varietals can produce.

St. David’s Bench Appellation

Howard and his wife Wilma run the accomplished wine grape growing operation of Lowrey Vineyards while Wes, a Winemaker and Viticulturalist by training, crafts small batches of wine that exemplify the terroir of the St. David’s Bench and the style of the Lowrey Farm.

The St. David’s Bench is one of the recently designated sub-appellations recognized by the VQA as a distinct growing region and terroir within the Niagara Peninsula’s famed wine region. See VQA Ontario for more information about St. David’s Bench.

Vineyard notes / 02.20.15

Most people will never have the opportunity to spend a bitter winter day pruning their way down a row of grapes, so I feel it my duty to inform the masses about this crucial vineyard task. Every winter, around the beginning of January, my father and I start to get serious about pruning vines in ... [read more]